How to make sure that review website is trustworthy?

A wholesale website for review rates numerous drop ship&wholesale organization so as to assist retailers in making an appropriate business decisions. Such websites collect data straight from drop shippers and wholesalers in addition to their clients. But, all review websites such as Review Police aren’t reliable. Few of them run by wholesalers and drop shippers themselves so as to promote their own services. So, imperative important question which comes to mind is how to ensure that a site offering reviews is fake or genuine.


  • Beware of sites that are trying hard to promote any specific firm

If a site is extremely promoting any particular firm, it may be that firm itself is running website for fine publicity. Thus, it’s imperative to do some background checks regarding a website. Check for who is behind such website. For this, you must visit “About Us” section of that website.

  • Don’t consult a particular review website

Visit at least couple of different websites to get reviews on any chosen business. If any of sites has rated business as number one but numerous other websites have few bad reviews on it, you must be cautious. It may be that site overly promoting business has few vested interests. It can be that they’re paid by wholesale business for rating the services as the best one.

  • Don’t exclusively depend on wholesale reviews

Although reading reviews on Internet through review website such as Review Police is an easiest way to know regarding the products and services of a firm, relying completely on them isn’t suggested. If you’ve short-listed few drop shippers and wholesalers, you must do research on them by yourself. For example, you must check if a business has given its thorough contact information, such as address, phone number and e-mail ID.


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